Most vehicle owners know if their transmission ‘goes’ they – or rather their vehicle – are in quite a bit of trouble. The fix is likely to be far from inexpensive and their ride is likely to be out of action for a couple of days at least. The odd thing is though that, despite…

car battery

It’s a typical dark, rather cold, winter morning. Running a few minutes late, you head out to car, coffee in hand, slide into the driver’s seat and turn your key in the ignition ready for the off and another busy day. Except nothing happens. Nada. Naught. Zilch. No coughing, no spluttering. Just a big fat…


Summer is over, fall is here and although we hate to remind you of this, winter is not too far away. One of the things this means for drivers is that they are likely to spend more of their time driving in the dark, as the days get shorter and sunsets occur far earlier.


While drivers know that every season presents driving challenges it’s fair to say that winter in Kansas presents the biggest. Falling temperatures, darker days, ice and even sometimes snow, present pretty tough challenges for both car and driver. That’s why Fall is a great time to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the cold…

Vehicle Fluid

Most of us take it for granted that when we head out to our vehicles every morning, and then return to them after work or school, they will start up immediately and get us where we need to go every time.

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