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Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. And, whether we manage it or not most of us try very hard to stick to them as well. Many of us will pen wellness-related intentions like “exercise at least 3 times a week” or work-related goals like “get promoted.” However, we can’t forget to include some driving-related resolutions too….

roadtrip apps

Planning to take a road trip this summer, or will be swapping flying for driving to reach your vacation destination? If so, you probably already have a rough idea of just what needs to be packed into the car before you leave. But if you want to help ensure that your trip goes even more…

spring driving tips

While most drivers often consider the winter to be the season that can be truly treacherous, However, when faced with problems ranging from high winds, to April showers to yet to be repaired roads and reemerging wildlife spring driving is not without its unique challenges as well.

Safe Road Trip

Did you know that every year in the month of December approximately one in four Americans will take to the roads for a holiday roadtrip? And whether that trip is to Grandma’s for that big holiday dinner or just down the street to a friend’s New Year’s party, these holiday driving excursions can be rather…


Summer is over, fall is here and although we hate to remind you of this, winter is not too far away. One of the things this means for drivers is that they are likely to spend more of their time driving in the dark, as the days get shorter and sunsets occur far earlier.

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