Collision Repair in Olathe, KS

It is not that easy to choose the auto repair shop that will help you with your requirements for collision repair in Olathe, KS. What you have to realize is that cars, even though they may look the same, are created differently every couple of years. A car released in 2010, even if it is made by the same manufacturer, may have a different construction compared to one that is released in 2015. You need to choose an auto repair shop that is specifically knowledgeable of the construction of your car. They need to have the updated knowledge that will allow them to restore your car to its former glory.

Restoring a car to its pre-accident conditions is not just about making your car look good again either. One small mechanical detail left unfixed can lead to catastrophic results and you cannot afford to take that chance. You need to look for a collision repair specialist in Olathe that will help restore your full trust in your car once more before you take it back on the road.

Newman’s Auto Body & Repair can help with all of this. We have collision repair technicians that can help repair the body of your vehicle and other related repairs to make it function like it was brand new and the body work specialists who can help it look like new too!

When it comes to our collision repair service, here are the services that we can provide:

  • Remove the dents (big and small).
  • Straighten frames that are bent or twisted and weld metal parts that are dislodged from the main structure.
  • Remove, repair or replace damaged fenders, doors and other body parts.
  • Fill damaged areas using solder or plastic body fillers when necessary.
  • Provide you with a reasonable estimate cost of the repair job.
  • Grind, sand, file, and smooth surfaces that had just been filled or repaired.
  • Fix the aim of headlights and re-align wheels.
  • Refinish the body with a primer coat, sand and paint with a finish coat.
  • Along with expertise in much more…

Collision repair in Olathe, KS

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We work with all insurance companies and we can guarantee the quality of our work every time.

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