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Even if you think they are relatively rare compared to the more ‘ordinary’ types hailstorms occur more often than you might think and they can strike suddenly at any time of year. Although hail itself is formed of a type of ice summer hailstorms are not at all unusual.

Why? Because hailstones form in the biggest clouds – clouds called cuhail damage repair in Olathe, KS - Newman's Auto Body & Repairmulonimbus – and these rise very high in the sky, so the temperature below is often pretty irrelevant. Hail pellets may also be up there forming for weeks, even months, and so as the cloud they have formed in drops, the sudden change in temperature means that they fall very quickly, which is why summer hailstorms can be so very violent.

The Real Damage Hail Can Really Cause To Your Vehicle

Hail can do all kinds of damage. Stand out in it and the pellets will actually hurt you as they hit you (although we are not suggesting you do so just to find that out) and what they can do to your car can be devastating. Even the most expensive and modern of vehicles is often no match against these hard pellets that are rocketing down onto it.

Depending upon the size of the hailstones and the angle they hit the car at this can mean they cause dents ranging from little divots to larger blemishes that look like someone took baseball pitching practice on your vehicle rather than that it was left out in a storm. And some hailstones are so big and hard that they can smash right through the tempered glass in windows and windshields as well.

Hail Damage Repair in Olathe, KS and for the Kansas City Metro

In many cases the damage to a car caught in a hailstorm is considered cosmetic. It rarely affects the actual operation of the vehicle (with the exception of smashed windshields) but it is ugly to say the least. If you are still paying off or leasing the car it is certainly not something you can choose not to have repaired and even if you own it outright is a car that looks like it was caught up in mafia war something you really want to drive around in, especially, as is the case with any dent, rust will eventually form, making things even worse.

The single most effective way to deal with most hail damage repair in Olathe, KS is a technique known as paintless dent repair, or PDR. And it does exactly what it says; removes dents without damaging a vehicle’s paint. When performed promptly – wait too long and the dents begin to ‘set’ and rust forms – by a professional it’s a relatively quick process and is often covered by auto insurance, with most companies actively recommending that policyholders opt for PDR rather than trying out some of the dubious ‘home kits’ that are out there that can often cause more harm than good.

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