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Self-driving cars may not be quite ready for prime time yet (although many feel they are getting there) but today’s car manufacturers are kitting the new vehicles rolling off the production lines with some rather fancy tech extras right now. Some of them – like rear view cameras – are safety boosts, others, like wi-fi…

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It’s a typical dark, rather cold, winter morning. Running a few minutes late, you head out to car, coffee in hand, slide into the driver’s seat and turn your key in the ignition ready for the off and another busy day. Except nothing happens. Nada. Naught. Zilch. No coughing, no spluttering. Just a big fat…


Just because the winter is over does not mean that bad weather is. Summer storms can be a real problem, especially the hailstorms that can strike without warning on even the nicest day.

Auto Accident Repair in Olathe KS

No one ever wants to think they will end up involved in a car accident, even a minor incident, as even a minor fender bender can cause damage that calls for the services of a company offering collision repair in Olathe, KS.

If you have a dent in your vehicle, you might be wondering which method is best for fixing and repairing it. Most people go with traditional dent repair. Regular dent repair uses paint and fillers to restore the body of your vehicle to a like-new condition. However, this process can be time consuming and expensive….